Session Zero Part 6: Opinions, Beliefs, and Hobbies

Adriaen Brouwer - Tavern Scene (1635) mini

Last time, we found out about your relatives and how deeply tied your family is to the campaign location.  We learned personal information you probably do not tell most folks.   We even uncovered that you have an unusual talent that you might be a little too proud of.  Lastly, we revealed about the biggest lie you have ever told (well to other players that is).

This go-around, we move from facts about you, to strongly held opinions and beliefs.

Section 10: Opinions and Beliefs

In this section, players really being channelling their budding characters. They are asked how do you feel about this?  What do you think about that? Some key topics to look for in this section as a DM include: what is murder, who is a person, what is your outlook in life?

10 - Opinions

This next block of questions really get my players thinking about their characters opinions.  Then we lighten the mood with some easy to answer questions:

10 - Opinions Part 210 - Opinions Part 3

Here is a good opportunity for a DM to find a situational bonus for a player.  They have hobbies, why not give them a benefit for it?  Perhaps if they are “stargazers” they get Advantage for navigating at night?  You used to breed animals as a youngster?  Advantage when handling common domestic animals such as cattle, hogs, sheep, and horses.  You get the idea.

10 - Opinions - Hobbies

Next time, we’ll dive into breaking the law, love & loss, and retirement.

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