Session Zero Part 8: Background & Class Follow-ups

Adriaen Brouwer - Smallholders Playing Cards (1635)

The angry aristocrat rushes into the blacksmith’s stall.

“You there! This set of padlocks you sold me, not only failed to keep out a thief, it probably could not keep out the three urchins standing outside this so-called shop.  You sir should seriously consider a life of adventure, since I will destroy your reputation in this town. I demand my gold, sir!”

Section 15: Background & Class Questions

In this section, we tie up a few loose ends.  Exactly when did you become the Undertaker’s Assistant?  What event led you to steal important items from the King and become the Criminal you are?  What happened that led you to find Primal Spirits were calling you versus the various churches that surround you?  How exactly did that trinket end up in your possession?

The first group of questions has players really dig into their character’s past about their backgrounds, known languages, particular skills and tools, magical focuses, and then their religion.

15 - Background and Class Followups

This second grouping asks a few important question about their character’s connection to their current specialty.  A few of these ideas may have come to the table earlier, but now is the time to get them written.

The last two questions has the players connect their trinkets to their character’s stories.

15 - Background and Class Followups Part 2

DM tip: I have every player who creates a wizard also create an “arcane mark” that represents their arcane signature and is left behind like a fingerprint where the magic was manipulated. Here is a sample of arcane marks that I include with the character questionnaire.  I usually show Wizard marks from previous campaigns as world canon.

Arcane Marks

Next time, we define a life-altering conflict, wrap up some final thoughts, and name our new characters.

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