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What’s in a name?

Here are links to the PDFs: Updated List 1: Dwarves, Elves & Half-Elves, Halflings, Half-Orc, Humans Updated List 2: Dragonborn, Drow, Genasi, Gnomes, & Tieflings My players are creating new characters for an upcoming campaign, and one of the morefrustrating and time-consuming … Continue reading

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Tyger Tyger Burning Bright

I am continuing to prepare for a pulpy tropical jungle adventure for my group.  Previously, I posted my low-level primates (CR 1/8 to CR 1) that my characters will interact with, as well as, give my Druids & Rangers possible new beasts … Continue reading

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Wild Shape & Conjure Animals

Admittedly, this is of lesser value than my other posts since it is a custom house rule in our game group.  I will preface that I do not like to reduce (nerf), either actual or perceived, a player’s ability to play per the … Continue reading

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Hey, Hey We’re the Monkeys (and Apes)

In preparation for a pulpy tropical jungle adventure I am building for my players, as well as, contributing to Worldbuilderblog’s RPG Carnival Event, I am creating a series of low-level primate beasts for the characters to interact with or wild shape into.  Many … Continue reading

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My Player’s DM Screen

So, I realized sometime upon the early release of D&D 5th Edition, I really don’t like DM screens. No scratch that… I hate them. We all know screens are artificial walls between you (the DM) and your players. That has … Continue reading

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