InSpectres: The D&D Filler Game

Inspectres by Memento Mori

We all have that time when there isn’t enough folks to play your ongoing campaign, or you just want to have a one-shot you don’t really even need to prep for, well nearly nothing.

For my group, InSpectres from Memento Mori is our go-to game.  This is a detective storytelling Ghostbusters-style RPG, that has been around for quite awhile, but still if just stupid fun for my group.

Battle the forces of darkness and try to keep your business afloat in a world of ghosts, demons, vampires, and IRS agents.

If you have never tried it I highly recommend it, even with only three people it can be really fun.  Try to seek out actual play podcasts like the The One Shot Podcast or Dungeons and Randomness for examples of good times.  Buy this game, it’s only $10.  There is even a crowdfunded movie!

If you do decide to give it a go, it can be hard to find resources like Character Sheets and Case Log Files so here I present the ones I created.  There a few extras my Agents define.

PDF: InSpectres Character Sheets & GM Case Log

InSpectres Player Sheet 1 InSpectres Player Sheet 2 InSpectres Player Sheet 3 InSpectres Player Sheet 4





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