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Finding the Lost Familiars

In the previous part of this Familiars series, we covered the 15 common familiars in Finding Familiars.  We then covered the 19 Warlock familiars in Finding Warlock Familiars. In this last part, we will be talking about implementing a few … Continue reading

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Poor DM’s Almanac

In my last post Fair-Weather Friends, I talked about my love of weather in D&D.  To that end, I created a 1-page sheet to generate weather for a D&D 5e game. This time, I will tie that into my session Daily … Continue reading

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Fair-Weather Friends

Oh boy.  There are certain aspects of running D&D game worlds that define the meaning of “polarization”.  There are groups that embrace rules of encumbrance, mass combat, specialty critical hit and miss charts, flanking rules, and so-on and so-on. For me it’s weather. Weather … Continue reading

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Wild Shape & Conjure Animals

Admittedly, this is of lesser value than my other posts since it is a custom house rule in our game group.  I will preface that I do not like to reduce (nerf), either actual or perceived, a player’s ability to play per the … Continue reading

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