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Finding the Lost Familiars

In the previous part of this Familiars series, we covered the 15 common familiars in Finding Familiars.  We then covered the 19 Warlock familiars in Finding Warlock Familiars. In this last part, we will be talking about implementing a few … Continue reading

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Finding Warlock Familiars

In the previous post on Finding Familiars, I shared the 15 beasts cards created from the listed creatures in the 1st-Level Find Familiar spell. This time it is all about the Warlock’s familiars. Warlocks, through the Pact of the Chain class option … Continue reading

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Finding Familiars

I have had a few player’s Wizards cast the 1st-level conjuration spell Find Familiar, but then flip through my copy of the Monster Manual for the next 2 minutes.  The main issue is the 15 beasts the familiar spirit can … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

Here are links to the PDFs: Updated List 1: Dwarves, Elves & Half-Elves, Halflings, Half-Orc, Humans Updated List 2: Dragonborn, Drow, Genasi, Gnomes, & Tieflings My players are creating new characters for an upcoming campaign, and one of the morefrustrating and time-consuming … Continue reading

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My Player’s DM Screen

So, I realized sometime upon the early release of D&D 5th Edition, I really don’t like DM screens. No scratch that… I hate them. We all know screens are artificial walls between you (the DM) and your players. That has … Continue reading

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Character Item Slots & Inventory Tracking (Yuck!)

Ugh.  Encumbrance rules. As a DM, I don’t want them.  As a Player, I don’t want them. But for every gaming group I run a homebrewed world in, I always ask my players how they want to handle it.  And … Continue reading

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